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GENIUS! When hanging a picture, put toothpaste on the frame where the nail needs to be, press it against the wall and voila! Put the nail there!

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Use a bungee cord to instantly hang a second sheer curtain panel behind existing curtains instead of hanging a second pole.

Budget Savvy Divafrom Budget Savvy Diva

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Moving out of a rental? Fill nail holes with soap. | 33 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

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Genius!! You could also do this with bras or other stuff you don't want to tumble around - Click image to find more DIY

Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makersfrom Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers

Make: Projects - Hang a picture from a pull tab

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Turns out, a tab with an intact rivet ring is quite useful for mounting to wooden frames as a picture hanger. And I, you know, have to hang up lots of pictures. Seriously.

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Wall hooks used as a shoe rack. Simple and such a great idea. Run several along an entry wall. Keeps them off the floor and out of the way!!

365ish Days of Pinterestfrom 365ish Days of Pinterest

Day 212: Easiest Way to Hang Wall Decor

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Omg, Jon HATES me hanging pictures bc I put 30 holes in the wall before I get it right lol. Good idea!

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place a can under candle before filler - you'll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight!!

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Great idea!

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25 clever tips to make life easier. Whoa.

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how to get those spaghetti stains out of your tupperware. brilliant!

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BubbleWrap insulation: Use bubble wrap on windows for two three+ years now, and I'm amazed how quick and easy it is. This year, we are even covering the windows in the guest room -- we just take the bubble wrap down when guests come, and put it back up when they leave -- 15 seconds a window.

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DIY key holder

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Why didn't I think of that?!?! Easy wainscotting idea: buy frames from Michael's, glue to wall and paint over entire lower half. Got this tip from a savvy home improvement person. Ha! That's stupid easy.



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old jars = photo frames

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25 clever ideas to make life easier!


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Fabric covered cork board with nail head trim.

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TICK BE GONE A nurse discovered a safe/easy way to remove ticks, making it less traumatic for the patient and easier for you. Apply a small amount of liquid soap on a cotton ball Cover the tick with the soap soaked cotton ball Blot it for a few seconds ( 15-20 ) The tick will spontaneously detach and stick to the cotton as you remove it. Notify everyone! This may help so many, especially with those hard to reach areas. Keep liquid soap & cotton balls in your summer first aid kit.