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He never left the bucket. I think I found my long lost twin brother...

I've received one before signed with "Mom" and the kid's last name....and I have high schoolers!

& dolls' shoes & other toy parts & coloured pencils etc...

yooooooo he knows what is up

why can't I stop laughing?!? Answer: Because he's making the most hideous faces that are so hilarious.

Disconnect them and shove the little shits outside; that's how you solve childhood obesity.

Not an adult but YEAH! But I'm positive that when I'm an adult, I won't fear children. xD

Is it sad how hard this makes me laugh? Poor middle children everywhere. Including me!

Read this in a sleeping house! Almost had a stroke holding it together....

The well-meaning daughter who was asked to write a sentence about her mom’s hobbies. | 21 Kids Who Sold Out TheirParents

What if Spider-Man's super power was shooting spiders out of his hands. No one would ever commit crimes.

hahahaha this is what i think of everyone getting a million vday cards this year