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Fashion with your pooch

I had a dalmation that was handsome just like this one, but kind of grumpy. I had another dalmation who was liver spotted and he was really ugly, but the most lovable animal.

Dalmatian i love it! siempre he tenido dálamtas en mi casita y muchos otros perritos también :D

Being a kid who grew up with dalmatians...I love them and they are so precious as puppies!

dalmatian puppy, so cute!! ❤❤❤ This is the most adorable puppy photo that I have ever seen. If ever this little guy turns up missing - I did not take him!!! LOL!

dalmation puppy. These are seriously the most gorgeous dogs ever, I swear

get my best side ( #dalmations #dogs #puppies ) ✌eace | H U M A N™ | нυмanACOUSTICS™ | н2TV™

seabelle: I literally thought this was chocolate chip ice cream until I made it bigger