2008: 'Rozanne' Geranium

13 Plants That Give You Bang for Your Buck Perennials Maiden Grass "This grass forms a light, airy four-foot-tall mound and grows really well in otherwise tough and dry sites.

Easy Groundcovers Let easy-growing groundcovers be the solution to your landscaping problems. Here are some of the best groundcovers for your yard. By Kelly D. Norris

Coneflower. tolerates full sun to light shade. bloom from early summer to fall. one of the most hardy perennials.

How to Divide Perennials – How & When

This woman is from Grapevine and has AMAZING advice for Texans and what they should plant. Container plant combinations advice!

'Tweety' Coreopsis

1992: 'Moonbeam' Coreopsis

Favorite easy to grow shade plants that come back year after year - easy gardening

Phlox One of the most brilliant plants of the late-summer garden, phlox produces stunning clusters of white, pink, lavender, and red blooms that bear a delightful fragrance.

Razzmatazz Daylily...perennial...full sun to part shade...18" tall...blooms summer to fall

'Azure Rush' Geranium

Perennials That Bloom All Summer

Rose verbena is a perennial groundcover loved because it cascades beautifully down hot, dry, sunny slopes and bears an abundance of deep pink flowers. It is rarely out of bloom, but it puts on its strongest show in spring and late summer.

Top 20 Perennials for Your Garden-once you plant them,they just keep coming year after year-a very good thing

Stephanie Cohen Foamflower. Blooms April to June. Zone 5 shade plant. Drought resistant.

All of those empty spaces in your planting beds? Replace your fried flowers with these 25 High Heat Flowers For Hot Summer Areas!!

My 2nd favorite perennial ever. I've had the same one at my folks house for 7 years and she does NOT have a green thumb. Blooms from May til Halloween, no joke! This is Early Sunrise Coreopsis. The more sun, the better! Zone 3-9