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If you are looking for a good book to read, check out this AWESOME list of 16 Books Becoming Movies in 2016. I am so excited about Girl on a Train, The Zookeepers Wife and several others!

10 amazing historical novels that will take you to another place and time. I love finding new ideas for what books to read next! Great historical fiction.

41 Of The Most Suspenseful Books You’ll Ever Read *GASP*

12 Books to Read in 2016. Must-Read Books of The Year.


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These fun bookmarks are quirky placeholders that won't stick out of the tops of books.

80 Books from 80 Countries Around the World! Looking to read more diversely? Try this list for some ideas.

At the beginning of this powerful novel, we meet Aurore Dupin as she is leaving her estranged husband, a loveless marriage, and her family’s estate in the French countryside to start a new life in Paris. There, she gives herself a new name — George Sand — and pursues her dream of becoming a writer, embracing an unconventional and even scandalous lifestyle.

41 Of The Most Suspenseful Books You’ll Ever Read *GASP*

Being able to read a book and compare it to the movie has helped me to be literate in writing details. I may see a movie and remember a line in the book that was not included. Attention to details has been something I have learned this way.

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12 Books to Read in 2016. Must-Read Books of The Year.

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Cheers to all the deserving books (and their authors!) that won awards in 2015. These books are definitely worth reading.

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The Vow - movie with Rachel McAdams and from Alabama...........Channing Tatum

50 Books Becoming Movies this winter. Definitely lots of books worth reading!