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  • Rhonda Starnes

    Grapes of Love (dipped grapes)

  • Sara Brewer

    Super cute Candy Grapes- recipe is in French, luckily with 8 years under my belt, I'm picking up about a third of it

  • Hillary Freeman

    Candied grapes •Large fresh green grapes (or red, to taste) •Small sticks, toothpicks or Pikes to hors d'oeuvres •1 cups sugar •½ cup light corn syrup •¾ Cup water •Green dye (or to taste)

  • Susan Postma Morzaria

    frozen grape pops

  • samma christie

    caramel grapes.

  • Tanu Lee
    • 3 years ago

    = via Beth Miech Translation from French to English...Large fresh green grapes (red or to taste) Small sticks, toothpicks or skewers appetizer 1 cup sugar ½ cup light corn syrup ¾ cup water Green dye (or other flavor) Push a stick into a raisin, with a paper towel, wipe the skin of grapes that will jute book. On a work plan, prepare a sheet of parchment paper, ready to receive grapes coated with syrup. In a heavy saucepan or copper, mix sugar, corn syrup and water. Without stirring, bring to a boil over moderate heat until thermometer reads 300 ° F. Remove from heat, add a few drops of food coloring, mix well (be careful, the syrup is extremely hot!) One by one, gently coat the grape syrup and place on parchment paper aside (it only takes a few seconds for the syrup and then freezes, it is possible to obtain grapes to be held straight in the taking a few moments). Leave completely freeze and serve immediately. * Makes about three dozen grapes of love.

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