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Electric Guest & Charlotte Gainsbourg - Eyes Without a Face

Why can't you want me like the other boys do? They stare at me while I crave you Flight Facilities - Crave you Feat. Giselle [Official Video]

Alain Bashung – Vertige De L’amour Coup de cœur français du 21 juillet dans les Matinales avec Eric sur RMS @rms896 #LesMatinales

BERNARD LAVILLIERS........" noir et blanc ".....

Ignore how bad this movie is, and how Terrence Malick suggests the meaning of life revolves around his childhood in TX; Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki is the mother fucking truth (See Children of Men, Ali, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Meet Joe Black for further evidence.) I want this sort of natural, impressionistic style of lighting. For camera movement, see Kubrick or PTA: More symmetrical framing, smoother movement and rhythm, vs. hand held

up past my bedtime at an art party in Brooklyn with the fabulous Amanda Palmer

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Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior (2003)

Very intense and funny. My former kung-fu teacher also teaches Muay Thai.

Buffalo Girls Muay Thai Documentary: Video about young Thai girls that fight to survive