AMERIGO VESPUCCI, shortly before departure

Though at first glance these photos look like stills from the strangers kissing video that went viral, in actuality this series was created even before that video was shot. Last summer, photographer Ben Lamberty took a spontaneous photo of a couple kissing and the photo turned out to be, in his words, "so cool" that he decided he needed to make a series out of it. The photos would eventually land in the December 2013 issue of a German publication called Zeit Magazine. The passionate images o...

Thurston Hopkins London, 7th August, 1954 From Thurston Hopkins/Picture Post/Getty Images

I love this photograph...<3


When guys were like this.... The one guy who could look right up her skirt is gentlemanly enough to look away! Everything about this picture I love <3

Has to be one of my all time favorite shots! The Iconic Valentine's day kiss.

Yes. And framed. Because a photo can bring back feelings from that moment, so romantic.

This would make a great wedding or engagement photo

Carmen Dell’Orefice in Yves Saint Laurent and Robin Tattersalln on the Pont Alexandre III photographed by Richard Avedon, Paris, August 1957

kiss attack


The infamous kiss, revisited.

Goodbyes c.1940's