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  • Kimberlea Scott

    Hands free hair dryer holder!!! the most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest...I NEED this

  • Beverly VanDrunen

    the most genius hair trick I've ever seen on pinterest...

  • J. K.

    hands free hair dryer! Gotta have one for my long hair

  • Nita Walton

    The most genius idea I've seen on pinterest! I have thick hair and my little hands get tired =)

  • Willow Schmaljohann

    Now that's a great idea! Hands free hair dryer!

  • Debi Murphy Ernser

    The most genius idea i've ever seen on pinterest... Where was this when I had my crazy hair!!

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Such a neat idea. Wonder if this would work with my 21 year old?!?

Use magnetic strips to store bobby pins behind a vanity door. Rubbing a walnut over scrathes in your furniture will disguise dings and scrapes. Store bedlinen sets inside one of their own pillowcases and there will be no more hunting. place an iphone in an empty bowl to amp up the music, any concave shape will amplify the music!

Cute and easy and looks nicer for work instead of just throwing my hair in a messy bun-like blob on top of my head. Low-rolled-updo mini @Kari- my hair is still too short!

Bobby Glam's Made In Chelsea Blow Dry- Hair Tutorial. Has a nice blog with lots of beauty tutorials.

A fix for those jeans with the pesky zipper that won't stay up. Also would work for early prego jean wearing when you aren't ready for maternity but you can't button your jeans. I used the rubber and trick but the zipper would eventually slide down. No more!!