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  • Maggie Mae

    Favorite Disney princess and muggle fascination it all makes sense now! Two things I love, The Little Mermaid and Harry Potter <3

  • Captain Freckles

    i am going to pin so many ginger and harry potter jokes

  • Nicole J M

    Love this!!!! My 2 all-time favorite characters... Ariel and Ron Weasley!!!!

  • Adrienne Smith

    haha so funny! And the little mermaid was my favorite movie as a kid! I must love gingers haha

  • Bobby Delaney

    College survival tips as taught by the Disney Princesses #college #disney #disneyprincess

  • Rhonda Choi

    @Bronwyn Hinson, not calling you a bitch, but i thought this was funny, lmfao

  • Simply Dreaming

    Must be a Weasley! #little #mermaid #ariel #harry #potter #mash #up #funny #red #hair #muggle

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i should have not laughed so hard lol

Mossy Oak

Love this!

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i HATE them...

All the time

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