How to tie a Heather's Wild Rag.

The cattle rustler’s and good-turn knots are decorative ways to tie off the ends of a Scout neckerchief. For a dressier look try tucking th...

Horseman Tips - Think Like a Horse ® Square Knot

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SCHAEFER Frontier Jacquard Wild Rags and scarf tying video.

Leather earrings and mixed print scarf

custom hand tooled leather leatherwork triesta by wild bleu tooling belt indian skull

Buckaroo Brand Wild Rags- I like the pattern

Saddle Ring ♥

Cowboy Images Wild Rags; Out West Saddlery

Wild rags - Almost as important as the hat, the wild rag is a for sure sign that you know what you’re doing out there on the range. Think of this as the buckaroo girl version of a huge Coach purse, you can’t go anywhere without it. Plus, these things are a pretty handy fashion statement! - #CowgirlChic


This way the knot isn't in your face! Lays much flatter

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Schnee's Wild Rags :: How to tie a Buckaroo knot

I'm OBSESSED with scarves, and there's a website that sells ONLY scarves! Why have I never heard of this before!?