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How to Fix a Dry & Tearing Fondant

by Charong Chow
If you want your homemade cakes to not look so homemade, you might want to try the flawless look of fondant, which can make any cake look like is was created by a professional. Fondant is usually rolled into a thin layer and laid over the entire cake. Keep rolled fondant adhered to your cake by appl...

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Gunge: It’s a Miracle! Mix fondant with water to a toothpaste consistency and smooth it on problem areas.

I like the water effect on the cake, but I *DO NOT* like the cracks in the fondant. REALLY? Jeesh

What I like most about this cake is the texture and that is it actual icing and not fondant. I love fondant, but sometimes a good butter cream frosting is just better. Yum!

Carols birthday cake with cracking chocolate fondant....nightmare stuff!

Good idea I didn't know: When fondant cracks on your cake... smooth it out with vegetable shortening and moving in a circular motion.

When and how to use fondant or modeling chocolate

How much fondant do I need? Very handy chart!

How to Quilt a Fondant Cake...although I don't use fondant, I would bet you could freehand a butter crème frosting using this idea....modified!!

this is for fondant but could be done this same way with polymer : Tutorial fondant owl