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  • Jessie Akin

    Some days you just need a pep talk from a little birdie! :)

  • Curly Humility

    Remember this, Cat! Except it would be Warehouse 13 and not a movie. And homemade pizza so it would be kosher. But the owl is all me.

  • Bethan Davies

    aww this little owl is literally the best friend ever

  • Mary Rath

    This almost made me cry. It reminded me of a close friend who passed away. He loved owls and I know he would have told me to be nice to myself.

  • ╭⊰Annie ❤️ Carolina⊱╮


  • Lico Butterflykiss

    "Please don't be too hard on yourself today. I would come over to your house and sit on the couch with you and eat pizza and watch your favorite movie with you if I could. But I can't. So you have to be nice to you since I can't do it, okay?... Promise?" #cute #sweet #quote #bird

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