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A RAINBOW AT NIGHT (3/26/11) Ethan Tweedie of Kamuela, Hawaii, recorded this spectacular example of a rainbow long after dark. "It was a moonbow," explains Tweedie. The bright moon played the role of sun, illuminating nightime raindrops falling through the damp Hawaiian air. "I've been trying to photograph a moonbow for a long time. Last night I was driving back from the Volcano there it was!" Tweedie's long exposure revealed something even more rare: a secondary moonbow.

Iao Valley State Park in Maui is a beautiful, lush place for a hike, but the land also holds some interesting history. It was in this spot in 1790 that King Kamehameha defeated Maui's army and changed the fate of Hawaii. The win allowed him to move forward with his mission of uniting the Hawaiian islands.

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Volcanic Crevasse, Iceland

Grímsvötn volcano - Iceland Volcano eruption which caused disruption to air travel in North-Western Europe from 22 - 25 May 2011 © Fredrick Holm

Let's consider, for a moment, the forces and temperatures it took to liquefy rock and raise it into such a formation. Sleeping Pele, a natural lava flow on Big Island, Hawaii, USA


10 Years of Gorgeous Images of Earth From Space

Galapagos Islands, from space; image was obtained by combining three Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (ASAR) acquisitions...