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    Scientists have discovered that North African people have been making yogurt for more than 7,000 years, thanks to an analysis of pottery shards which was published in the journal Nature. Yogurt left tell-tale traces of fat on the ceramic fragments, which suggests that it might have been a way for these people to tolerate milk as adults.

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Zwetschgendatschi is the Bavarian word for plum cake. The dessert uses Damson plums, which are only in season for a few weeks each year.

The Printed Internet

The Printed Internet


Rice + ipad

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Like that Goose that does eggs...

eat with your feet



via The White House.... do pardoned turkeys every get eaten eventually?

for funyons too: en.wikipedia.org/...

Japanese cityscape with giant wildlife

Local gas companies occasionally add a touch of character to the giant spherical gas containers that dot the landscape of Japan. Here are a few examples.

古川機工株式会社 SWITL -- an impressive "robot hand" tool developed by factory equipment manufacturer Furukawa Kikou -- seems to defy the laws of nature by picking up deposits of gels, sauces and other soft semi-liquids without smearing them or altering their shape. This demo video shows how well the tool handles mayonnaise and ketchup.

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might be a Thiebaud?

Trail Net's St. Louis urban garden tour

Space is sweet! The search for molecules associated with life however, for example simple sugars, has been less successful. The simplest sugar is glycolaldehyde (HCOCH2OH). It has been spotted in only two extreme places so far: a massive dense molecular cloud near the galactic center, and a dense core of gas and dust that is forming massive stars.

Using McDonalds adverts as examples, this video explores several subliminal communication techniques used in fast food marketing, including colour association, embedded commands within sentences, attention grabbing through surrealism, activity association, and the bypassing of attention filters through initially misleading design and minimalist use of company logo......

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