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Oreo Pride

True about so many of my fb "friends"

pinkie- promise wedding ring finger- Love rude finger- Provoke Pointer finger- Direction Thumbs up- Good luck so sweet

This is so true!

Faith In Humanity Restored. Medical cannabis is truly amazing- I've seen it do some miraculous things.

Military daddy ...Happy Fourth ... God bless America ... thank you to our soldiers ... past and present ....


SO true!! How can anyone think it's a life choice or a "phase"?!?

Smart cat.....very smart

Makes me smile. I want to be this kind of old lady. "Inge Löök's old ladies" I used to play tea party under the table when I was little. Maybe I'll do it again when I'm older. . .

And thats how women work — funny joke - #funny #joke #funnypictures #funnyanimal #pet #haha #cute

So damn much.

No day off tomorrow or any other day out here in Afghanistan, but that doesn’t matter…. This picture sums up how I’m feeling. God Bless America!


All Disney Characters Stained Glass | Disney Princesses And Other Characters Get The ‘Stained Glass ...


so true!


so true.

So true