How To Sew Prefold Diapers

cloth diaper organization

receiving blanket to diaper instructions w/pics - Cloth Diapers & Parenting Community -

Newborn Prefold Diapers Set - Prefolds and coordinating covers

Prefold-to-fitted cloth diaper pattern. Definitely trying this!!

omg so cute. I wish I knew how to make this.

How To Sew Prefold Diapers-good measurements...

DIY Reusable Cloth Breast Pads - The Healthy Honeys // So simple! Add a layer of PUL on the outside to make it waterproof... or cut up a prefold cloth diaper for added absorbency... Yup. Making these.

We've been making these -- always on the lookout for fun flannel prints (remnants or even old receiving blankets work great).

Diaper Dude 'Messenger II' Diaper Bag

Finally! A free cloth diaper pattern with gussets.

Sew your own fleece soakers

Tutorial (and patterns) for cloth diapers.

Sew Your Own Diapers. Free tutorials and instructions to help you make every kind of cloth diaper.


DIY gDiaper out of a t-shirt

homemade cloth diapers, advice & patterns

cloth diaper inserts tutorial@ash_1087 Will have to make some of these while Im off being a farm wife!

Sew a prefold diaper the real way - tutorial. I have a few prefold style flannel burp cloths I love and want to copy.

Adventures In Fluff: How To Sew Your Own Upcycled T-Shirt Wing Prefolds