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Certain fruits and vegetables, such as onions, tomatoes, raisins, potatoes and grapes, contain acids, seeds and enzymes that are highly toxic to dogs. For this reason, you must use caution when choosing healthy snacks to give to your dog. Some fruits and vegetables provide excellent health benefits and can make wonderful supplements if used in moderation.

I use this on our dog, and I absolutely LOVE it! We spray her and rub her down with it when she comes inside, and she is as fresh and clean as she has ever been. PLUS, we don't have any potentially scary mystery ingredients to worry about. I use lavendar and vanilla extract in mine.

What People Food Dogs Can and Cannot Eat Infographic

What's Okay Safe to Feed Fido? The Do's Don'ts. ... I'm hoping that the alcohol gum are no-brainers.

Healthy Doggy Protein Shake - Chilling Treat for Dogs to Eat

Healthy Doggy Protein Shake - Chilling Treat for Dogs to Eat

Let them eat cake! And I'll have some too!

Here is a list of human foods that ARE and ARE NOT safe for dogs to eat. Every dog owner needs to read this!

Oh!! Don’t you love the picture of this puppy?! I just want to squeeze him and kiss his little head, he’s so cute, yes he is! Okay, back to reality,...

For all my dog-owner friends out there! I wonder if making them yourself comes out as a cheaper option as well? Somebody let me know in case I get a dog one day ;-)