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  • Paolo Garetto

    Elephants are nice peaceful animals, as long as you don't mess with them in the time of mating. Little elephants are even cuter but we have a rare chance to see the elephant immediately after it is born. Usually, the elephant is born after 22-month long pregnancy and it weights anout 100 kilograms. However sometimes even elephants need to give a birth before the usual time. Here you can see a photo of a very cute newborn elephant baby which was born before usual time in some unknown zoo.

  • Designome World's Smallest Elephant - Hoax. Newborn elephants typically weigh about 200-250 lbs. at birth and stand about three feet tall. The one pictured here is a dead fetus.

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This was on main Pinterest page- think that's a good omen for the weekend! Roll Tide Roll!!

Harry the baby hippo! Are you kidding me!?! Baby hippo kisses! WTH I want baby hippo kisses.

The five reasons Elephants are my favorite animal: 1. Duh, they're friggin' cute. 2. Elephants are headed by a matriarch; a female elephant, if you didn't know. (smart animals!) 3. They are hunted for their ivory... How sad. 4. They are intelligent. They have really great memories! 5. They are emotional animals and they are loyal to their herd (or family). They are amazing animals!

Reminds me of Hatari! I love that movie, especially the baby elephants.

A Few Of My Favorite Baby Animals

LOVE elephants and how precious is this little one?

Rrrr!...Listen Brothers, I´ve An Idea...Why Don´t We Jump Into Samissomar´s Page Now ?...It´s The Best Way We Can Get Famous In This Wild Net !...

(KO) Goslings (baby geese). A group of geese is a gaggle. Geese can be evil suckers. They chase a victim and bite so hard with their beaks that it leaves a bruise. Children are favorite victims because they are small and non threatening. Some geese are friendly and sweet natured, but the mean ones are awful. Grab a big stick, stand your ground,

Moose Babies! Look at those legs! It is very dangerous to approach a baby moose for two reasons: mother moose IS always nearby and ready to charge and baby moose is a grizzly bear's favorite snack. Photos are much safer! (FYI - Adult Moose are not to be approached either, they can charge & stomp you)