• Marcine Rucker

    So true!! I have found so many people in life that think they need to make something out of their lives as if were who they are..... It's so sad to here and see so many of my high school friends and others believe they need to accomplish more than what they believe in themselves..... WAKE UP to real life and believe in your life!!!!

  • Caitlin Madill

    Food for thought.

  • Fiona Jackson

    When people say or do hurtful things, it helps me to remember this.

  • Melissa Garcia

    True Story ... So think before you judge!!

  • Melanie Rae

    #inspirations #quotes

  • Yesica Calderon

    if only we remember. This is so true.

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“Life is tough but if you are tough with yourself, life will be your best friend.” - Zig Ziglar

Charles Bukowski, Finish

"crave you hopelessly" - love this! So #passionate #love #quotes



Nikita Gill #poetry #writing #words #quotes

The hero of my tale, whom I love with all the power of my soul, whom I tried to portrait in all his beauty, who has been, is, and will be beautiful, is Truth. - Leo Tolstoy #quotes

...we like to call it 'sketch therapy' — Some relaxed affirmation cats in case you need...

just start.


V. van Gogh




Just do it, as NIKE would say. And I agree, it might be the best quote ever. If you don't think but just do what you want, live might be better. So why not try it?

Anaïs Nin


Afraid of Love

Love this Photo! Are my challenges so big? This guy reminds us that we CAN press on in the face of immense challenges.

Gare du Nord dir Jean Rouche, 1968