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I wish they still made these in my size! I lived in my Wonder Woman and C-3PO Underoos when I was a kid.

These Wonder Woman underoos were a highlight of my childhood!

I'm not so sure we really thought they were fun to wear. But we sure joked about them. Vintage underoos.

Every day after school.... Wonder Woman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonder Woman God I so wanted to be her! Look at her fantastic figure. Can you imagine the stick figure that would play her today?

Underoos!! sorry but hello... i so had these (mulitple pairs, so i could wear everyday).

Wonderwoman. I saw someone else with a good picture so I had to repin. Wonderwoman is wonderful.

How I wished for golden cuff bracelets, a magic lasso and an invisible jet as a young girl!

Modern Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman wearing her magical Bracelets of Submission.

How badly I hope they come back out with these for Alyvia!! I used to love my Wonder Woman underoos!

Today the feeling is Wonder Woman! I lassoed opposing counsel, soothed the fears of anxious clients, and scaled tall buildings for the judge...all while minding my hair and makeup. Nope, the last part was pure fiction; by the end of the day my hair was a mess.

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