Anti-Inflammatory Pineapple Ginger Smoothie

Healthy Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

drink this daily and watch the pounds come off without fuss. The recipe is two handfuls of baby spinach, 1 cup of chunk pineapple, 2 bananas, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of filtered water. Blend well and enjoy!

How to make a weight loss smoothie

5 Fit & Fruity Smoothies

Great smoothie ideas using Greek yogurt to boost protein! ♥Follow us♥

Eddie's Cucumber Juice Recipe. It's healthy, delicious and refreshing:) #healthyjuicerecipe #juicerecipe #SassyFitGirl

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Roasted Peaches by parsleysagesweet: Buttery Brown Sugar Roasted Peaches - less than 100 calories for a dessert that tastes like soft candy. #Peaches #Healthy

Smoothie Recipe for the Fitness Junkies

Simple green smoothie. Blend 1 c spinach with 1 c water, then add 1 banana, 1/2 c frozen pineapple, 1/2 c frozen mango and blend again

Piña Colada Fruit Smoothie Recipe from The perfect combination of pineapple and coconut! #sixsistersstuff

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Orange Banana Smoothie Recipe- Wake up and get ENERGIZED with this delicious smoothie!

6 recipes for frozen smoothie packs. Great morning or afternoon energy boost.

Morning green smoothie - easy weight loss!