What if instead of the flowers and rocks you did a purple LED light under clear glass marbles and kept the candles floating on top.... haha so keep this idea but change it completely!

Beautiful idea for a center piece for a beach wedding at sunset. Sit it on tables out side. I think it would be beautiful for pictures ad well

diy wedding centerpieces for budget weddings

Beach Centerpieces

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Wedding Candle Centerpieces. http://memorablewedding.blogspot.com/2014/01/7-awesome-wedding-table-decor-ideas.html

Floating Centerpieces on itsabrideslife.com/Wedding Centerpieces/Wedding Flowers/Centerpieces - interesting idea? Yes? No?

Centros de mesa en base de vidrio con alcatraz, velas y flores


This inexpensive DIY floating candles with fern leaves is a very neutral piece to go with any home decor. Buy 3 different sized clear cylinder vases, a bag of white/tan rocks (or just pick some up outside), 3 fern leaves, 3 flat round candles in either a light green or tan color, lastly fill with water! All these items can either be bought at Michaels, JoAnne’s or Hobby Lobby and don’t forget your coupons ladies :)

DIY Wedding Centerpieces and Decor

Candles at a Beach Wedding

Another elegant & #simple #wedding centerpiece.

The first centerpieces i actually like

Sea shell and floating candle table arrangements

Rhinestone Ribbon Wrap with Floating Candles

simple table decor

Picture frames glued together with no back and a flameless candle behind...illuminates the photos.

Simple floating look