Paint sticks & a $3 mirror.

paint stick sunburst mirror

Toss up between Home and Crafts, this is a great, cheap way to make your own starburst mirror

Turn a $1 store rubber door mat into wall art.... this is BEYOND genius!

DIY sunburst mirror made of wood shims

DIY Key Holder

easiest sunburst i've seen in a while - bbq skewers and a cheap round target mirror - spray paint!

Buy a cheap round mirror and hot glue dowel rods to back of mirror (spray paint rods any color you want). Love this!! What a great idea!

Sun Mirror!

Paint sticks sunburst mirror

how to make a huge antiqued mirror.

It's PVC pipe...could be painted silver, black, gold LOVE

Sgt. Pepper's Kitchen: DIY Starburst Mirror

wood shim sunburst mirror

<3 Spraypaint and add fabric to boring folding chairs!

<3 Decorate an old plain frame with glue, let it dry, then paint over it so it looks like carvedwood!

Walmart mirror, hobby lobby flowers and hot glue! why didn't i think of this? these mirrors are $5!

DIY sunburst mirror

bought a mirror at a thrift store and turned it into a chalkboard. very easy and inexpensive.

How pretty is this mirror? Create your own with just one spool of jute twine and a 14-inch round mirror.

Paint stick sunburst mirror