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    click through for tables on average deadlift weight based on your own bodyweight. benchmark your deadlift weight & progress


    ♥ This! Don't be afraid to lift heavy. Yes, there will be those who look terrified at the site of a girl lifting heavy. The mouth dropped looks is because they are trying to figure out how to lift the same weight. ;) If you are new to the weightroom, schedule a personal training session at your gym. Just do it!

    lift heavy

    #401. best feeling in the world.

    Haha, maybe I fainted! A little! xD Found @ - check out our Body Channel! #Affimity #body #fitness #funny #workout #meme #thehangover

    Girls Who Lift

    fitness humor #weight #lifting

    Crossfit Live Love Lift Bracelet

    the really great people make you feel that you, too, can become great #inspired #strong #healthy

    Not what you think. Strong.

    5 Reasons Why You Should Get Strong Instead Of Skinny -

    Paleo fitness/ crossfit/ weights & lifting

    Reasons to be fit

    Ok, this is like my most favorite one I've pinned. Yes, when I grab that barbell and lift some serious heavy shit, I feel like a beast!

    Lift weights faster

    You will NOT bulk up from lifting!! You will actually get tighter and leaner and burn more fat than cardio!! #fitness #motivation #weights #lifting #strength

    fitness motivation

    Workout Tote Keep Strong and Lift On Gym by NobullWomanApparel, $15.50

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