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blondevsworld: Precisely. So GO LIFT SOME FREAKING HEAVY WEIGHTS and not the 5 lb baby weights. Unless you’re doing like…side lateral raises. Because those are obnoxiously hard.

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STRONG is the new beautiful <3

Act like a lady lift like a BOSS! Crossfit quotes crossfit girls

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lolz that feel when you haven't worked out yet. #CrossFit #KippingItReal

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seriously? i ALWAYS skip squats...

Squats are a girl's best friend! Funny workout and fitness memes for women and girls who love crossfit, lifting, and the gym

Learn to love to lift!

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so cute! Let's get more girls weight lifting!

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7 Reasons why women should lift weights

Skinny? I don't think anyone want that these day. I prefer to be fit.