Shirtless Patrick Swayze....

The Road House mullet - one of Patrick Swayze's best. Via IMDB

#onourRADAR is those films that leave an impression from adolescence. for me? #DirtyDancing and #PatrickSwayze #JenniferGrey and NOBODY putting baby in that corner!

Magic Mike

Patrick Swayze and Lisa's wedding day June 12, 1975, Childhood sweethearts.

robert downey jr

Scott Eastwood. Yup, he just moved to the top of the list!

Ryan Gosling

Travis Fimmel-- He is Ragnar Lodbrok on the History Channel series, Vikings. // an Australian actor and former model. He is best known for his high-profile Calvin Klein campaign.


Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze

Lisa Niemi & Patrick Swayze married June 12, 1975 until his death, Sept. 14, 2009 -- 34 years! <3

Patrick Swayze. Oh he's so misunderstood!

Patrick Swayze

Dennis Quaid


Patrick Swayze

Patrick Swayze

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