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Our jaguar cubs have names! This is the male, Tikal, named for an important Mayan cultural center. The female is Maderas, named for a volcano in Nicaragua. Photo by Ion Moe.

A Jaguar cub stands next to its mother... A mother always protects her cubs no matter what! She stalks her pray and when the moment is right she strikes! She is dangerous she is fast she isn't one to play with. You don't mess with what is hers without suffering her wrath, you pay the consequences for toying with her.

Black Panther and baby - just beautiful :)

Cute Jaguar Cubs | Black Jaguar and cub

How to tell our jaguar cubs apart: Tikal has a triangular shaped spot above his left eye. See it in this pic?

Jaguar~ -Gorgeous-Beautiful-Astounding- Isn't our GOD amazingly creative. Only the sovereign Lord of the universe could create all from nothing by his very voice. All Creatures of out GOD and King!

Snow leopard cub - so cute Posing with the head down | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

~~Sibling superstars ~ jaguar cubs~~ omg, this is sooooooooooo incredible!!!

Please make the choice to be kind, compassionate, peaceful and loving to ALL animals. They are not "ours" to harm, enslave, exploit, kill, eat, etc. GO VEGAN - with so many plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs - it has never been easier!