Calm Down Corner

Meditation for kids. A " Calm down box". Made one today, love it!

Lots of sensory bag ideas! Having sensory bags available in the classroom is a great way to let children explore without mess. They are easy to make and all materials can be purchased at the The Dollar Tree

Sensory Hacks to Calm an Angry Child - Lemon Lime Adventures


The Anger Box... ideas of items to put in a box so students can go here when they get too angry and calm themselves down. The place where the box is shouldn't be surrounded with anything that could harm the child. Having pillows around would be a good idea so the student could use them. This website also has a list of books that can help students grow emotionally.

Calm down trays and calm down jars

The Self Care Corner: Create Your "Calm Down Kit"

Toddler Busy Bag

ball painting - so fun! variety of balls, dipped in paint, then rolled around on a canvas inside a cardboard box. This sounds so cool! I bet Sawyer & Sam would have a blast!!!

Little Boy Busy Board

Ideas for calming

Huge list of activities for 2 YR OLDS

a good idea for time out… They have to shake the jar and wait for all the glitter to go to the bottom. It calms them down and works as a timer.

Ideas to calm down

Toy Time Out Box - a place to put a toy for a set amount of time (the day usually) when it is taken away.

diy activities for one year olds

toddler busy bag ideas #diy

Positive reinforcement - Put a cotton ball, marble, pom-pom, etc. in every time you catch your child being good. Do something special when it's full. focus on the good rather than the bad