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Marshall Thompson, character actor of the 40's & 50's

1960S Character Actors | Jesse White, ca. 1960s , movie and tv character actor.

Wally Cox character actor and voiced several cartoon characters

Rudy Vallee character actor, singer.

Thelma Ritter . . . one of the VERY best character actors . . . ever!

Lloyd Nolan: Great character actor.

Felix Bressart...a great character actor

Joseph Gordon-Levitt -10 Things I Hate about You, 50/50

Robert Middleton - character actor

Monte Markham Handsome Super Busy Character Actor

Charles Ruggles, great character actor in any movie he played in.

Sydney Greenstreet. Another one of my favorite character actors.

ALLEN JENKINS - character actor,

Eduardo Ciannelli, great character actor.

Jimmy Durante, character actor, great in musicals, comedy's and whatever he did.

William H Macy - a favourite character actor.

Robert Duvall can play any character in any Decade

Best Character Actor , Alan Jenkins

Alan Rickman my other favorite character actor....genius!

S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall, character actor, 1884-1955

James Rebhorn, character actor recently in Homeland