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Marshall Thompson, character actor of the 40's & 50's

1960S Character Actors | Jesse White, ca. 1960s , movie and tv character actor.

Rudy Vallee character actor, singer.

Thelma Ritter . . . one of the VERY best character actors . . . ever!

Lloyd Nolan: Great character actor.

1960s tv character actors | John Quade dies at 71; character actor specialized in playing ...

Ed Harris. Great as a star. Greater as a character actor

Sterling Hayden. Character actor

Robert Middleton - character actor

Joseph Gordon-Levitt -10 Things I Hate about You, 50/50

James Rebhorn, character actor

Felix Bressart...a great character actor

Eduardo Ciannelli, great character actor.

Charles Ruggles, great character actor in any movie he played in.

William H Macy - a favourite character actor.

Jimmy Durante, character actor, great in musicals, comedy's and whatever he did.

Monte Markham Handsome Super Busy Character Actor

Best Character Actor , Alan Jenkins

Robert Duvall can play any character in any Decade

Alan Rickman my other favorite character actor....genius!

S.Z. "Cuddles" Sakall, character actor, 1884-1955