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    • Mohibi

      Silk Caftan with senmurvs in pearl roundels, 9thc, Hermitage Museum | by julianna.lees

    • Kami Salah

      Caftan Early medieval culture of the Adygo-Alanian tribes. 9th century, Moshchevaya Balka, Hermitage. St. Petersburg

    • Ana Lalala

      Caftan, 9th century Adygo-Alanian tribe (Northern Caucasus region of Russia), the State Hermitage Museum

    • Till Thorkilson

      Discussion on ancient Hungarian wear | Steppe History Forum

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    Detail of a miniature of St Margaret emerging from the fire-breathing dragon, from the Dunois Hours, France (Paris), c. 1339 – c. 1450, Yates Thompson MS 3, f. 282v Besides providing us with numerous dragon images St Margaret is the patron saint of pregnancy and expectant mothers

    Pellotte of Fernando de la Cerda

    Bag | German 14th Century. Linen embroidered in silk with couched metal thread.

    "Ribbon - Great Britain, Saxon, circa 9th century - Tablet weave gold metal thread - 2 x 6 1/2 in. (5.08 x 16.51 cm)" -- Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Costume and Textiles Collection; "Not currently on public view."

    Head of a prince or king, detail from the Eagle Dalmatica, worn for the coronation by Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. Chinese damask, purple silk embroidery. c 1300 Inv. XIII 15

    BNF Nouvelle acquisition française 5243 Guiron le Courtois - 1370-1380 Italy

    Brocade Italy 14th century, blue Reference : 11-0008 A reproduction of an existing textile from 14th century Italy stored at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    detail from - Giovanni da Milano The Birth of the Virgin 1365 Fresco Rinuccini Chapel, Santa Croce, Florence

    Woven textile design from the 14th century

    Purse with Two Figures under a Tree, 14th C French, Embroidery in silk and metal thread

    Flore, courtisane, déesse des fleurs et épouse de Zéphir -- BnF Français 599 fol. 55v

    moorish period design | Textiles in the Early Medieval Period: 5th- 10th centuries

    Various 14th century dresses

    Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 835, f. 137 (an impressively flexible and slender Salome). Psalter (Munich Golden Psalter). England [Gloucester?], 1st quarter of the 13th century.

    The quadriptych of Mayer van den Bergh / Walters Art Gallery, c. 1380.

    Gorgone musicienne -- Fille des divinités Phorcys et Céto. Elle porte une couronne de feuiillage/fleurs (chapel) répandu au Moyen Âge, et joue de la vièle (Gorgon) -- BnF Français 599 fol.19

    Herjolfsnes hood. 14th century Greenland. The long tail (liripipe?) is evidence that they kept up with European fashions.

    Isabeau de Bavière, reine de France, vers 1400, statue de Guy de Dammartin, au Palais de Justice de Poitiers

    Hood (14th century). The longer the pipe, the more affluent or powerful the wearer (in Renaissance Italy).

    (French book "Le Livre Des Bonnes Moeurs" - by Jacques Legrand, 1338) - Sphere resembles a "montgolfiere" (French for baloon) but there were no balloons in 14th century France.

    Tunic of Dona Teresa Gil, from 1307 is located in Museo del Traje, Madrid Over dress.


    Compound silk cloth, Islamic, from al-Andalus (Andalusia), Spain, c1100. Artist: Werner Forman


    14th century Italian