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Ribbon's to Pasta's: Cake Trouble shooting

BM # 51 Day : 26 Theme : Baking While baking cakes many a times we ask ourselves.

vegan baking by Chantalk

The Ultimate Vegan Baking Cheat Sheet -- Whether you're vegan or you need to avoid eggs or dairy for allergy reasons (like us!), this is a great reference sheet for baking substitutions!

replace an egg

How to save a recipe with substitute ingredients for an egg. Have you ever been ready to bake a recipe, only to realize you’re out of eggs? We’ve been there too. That’s why we’ve created this handy chart for Egg Substitutes in Baking!

This is your #4 Top Pin in the Vegan Community Board in June: A simple and useful guide to using egg replacers in your baking. #allergyfriendly - 318 re-pins!!! (You voted with yor re-pins). Congratulations @theprettybee ! Vegan Community Board https://www.pinterest.com/heidrunkarin/vegan-community/

A Simple Guide to Using Egg Replacers

A baking quick fix this saved my butt today i was in the middle of baking and found out we only had one egg and i was home alone!

Hell no, you don't need eggs to bake — use these subs instead

Egg Substitutes For Baking - What to do if you’re out of eggs — quick fixes to rescue your recipe

If you run out of eggs while baking, these substitutes are a quick fix since chances are you have something in the pantry that you can use. You may also find need for a substitute if you’re baking a cake for someone with allergies or if someone is vegan.

A handy recipe list for egg substitutes using ingredients you more likely than not already have on hand;

Conversion chart for different flours, this will come in handy

Whole Food Baking Tips

Conversions can be tricky when dealing with other types of flour for baking and cooking. Here is a gluten-free conversion chart to reference.

Replacing egg with... @Polly Duggins (Polly, you probably already know all these but thought I'd share)

Replacing Eggs in Baking -The Substitutions will work for Cakes, Cookies and Brownies! Simply replace each egg in your recipe for either: Cup / Applesauce Cup / Yogurt Mashed Banana Cup / Vegetable Oil