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  • Marsha Watson

    “Completed in 1974, Wholeo Dome is a 14-foot-in-diameter, 7-foot-tall geodesic dome covered with curved, stained glass panels. In 2004, after having been kept in storage for more than twenty years, Wholeo Dome is installed at The Farm School in Summertown, TN, USA.”

  • Denise Maruna

    Stunning Colors Glow Inside 7-Foot Stained Glass Dome - Artist Carol Geary completed this stained glass dome, entitled Wholeo Dome (pronounced "Holy O"), in 1974. Carol said, "I wanted not to look at a window, but to be in a window." So the 14-foot wide, 7-foot tall dome was constructed, a hemisphere made of leaded glass panels supported by a geodesic aluminum frame. After more than twenty years in storage, the structure has been installed at The Farm School in Summertown, Tennessee.

  • mystic alchemy

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  • Hunter

    stained glass house??

  • Emily Looney

    Wholeo dome- amazing glass art piece that you can step inside. Located right in Summertown, TN!

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