Special needs

This is something I sometimes forget.


Special Parents :)

Life's too short...need to get that tattooed somewhere, it is definitely my motto.

I LOVE this !!! Guys don't get enough credit sometimes ... girls analyze WAY to much ( including me ).

exude gratitude

Wow, so true!!

This is so powerful.

Acceptance is the first key.

It's important to be your child's advocate, but it can feel like a never ending nightmare. Check out these tips to make sure you get your child's needs met. 7 Steps to be your child's advocate http://www.crunchyfrugalista.com/be-your-childs-advocate

Good for teachers, parents, and anyone who is in charge of kids. Be patient with the things they do that drive you nuts- you were an irritating little kid once too, you know.

you are wonderful, beautiful and special



So me!

Down Syndrome

Thautism believes Autism is not something to be cured. Instead, it is something to be understood, supported, and from which we all have much to learn.