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Another Love Note from the Garden by Connie Cottingham | All Things Girl

herb garden in sunken pots... keeps it nice and organized and keeps the herbs from spreading like crazy.....

I cannot only run like the wind, leaping effortlessly, but I can devour your most precious vegetables, hostas and hydrangeas so very, very quickly. I cannot help myself. Your garden is so full of delectable, juicy foliage and luscious blooms. For tips from Connie Cottingham on how to keep the deer from devouring your luscious landscape, check this out!

Instead of a physical cleanse, I’m taking a deep cleansing breath and sweeping some of winter’s cobwebs from my mind. I’m calling it a Digital Cleanse- maybe a Digital Detox is a more appropriate title. Although I loved the way social networks and internet accessibility kept me company through the long hibernation of winter, spring is a perfect time to reduce my reliance on digital connections and strengthen my connections with real people and nature instead.