• Amanda McCarthy

    Coffee Beans with a vanilla candle. it smells amazing. (Dining room decor idea)

  • Walker's Furniture

    Decorate your living room while adding a nice fragrance! Fill your candle holder with fresh coffee beans with a vanilla candle. This has to smell amazing! Also try using a colored or decorative candle during holidays!

  • Courtney Hardin

    Coffe beans and vanilla candle. Can't wait to try, bet this smells amazing!

  • Jenna Braunstein

    Coffee Beans with a Vanilla Candle. This will make the house smell amazing!

  • Amanda Armbruster Lizotte

    Coffee bean candle holder. I bet it makes the house smell good too!

  • Erin Killeen

    Coffee Beans with a vanilla candle - it smells amazing!!! Fill glass bottom with fresh coffee beans. Place large vanilla scented candle ontop of beans...light candle and enjoy!

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Coffee Beans with a vanilla candle - it smells amazing!

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