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  • corduroy universe

    The Walipini greenhouse: DIY Underground Greenhouse. More constant temperatures underground, so you need less solar energy to heat the inside enough to grow veggies.

  • Jeana Johnson

    Sunken greenhouse

  • Jillian Elyse

    Walipini- underground greenhouse that mostly uses the earth's warmth to heat itself.

  • Lucy Byrd

    Walipini Project information - underground green houses

  • Athena Zahn

    Pit Greenhouses

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Sprout is a concept that helps home gardeners, repurpose empty milk jugs as watering cans. It takes advantage of what you already have in a milk jug, which is a handle, a gallon’s worth of water capacity and with the addition of “Sprout”, you will have an evenly spaced flow of water. Concept by Evan Gant of Altitude. (Available at Target)

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