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How to be Less of a Hot Mess Once and For All- Inspiration for Stay-at-home Moms

Hands On Multiplication: Learning With LEGO® Bricks

This is a fun way to practice hands on multiplication! Kids love learning with Lego® bricks! Plus get more with the Unofficial guide to Learning with Lego®

5 All Out Lies about WAHM Life

So you’re a WAHM (work-at-home mom). You are so lucky! You have all this free time, you don’t have to answer to anyone, you can do whatever you want, right? WRONG! Click through to read the 5 All Out Lies about WAHM Life now >>

Fun First Day of Homeschool Traditions

The first day back to homeschool should be exciting and fun! It helps set you up for a fun and successful homeschool year. This mom shares some really fun (and easy!) traditions to mark the first day back to homeschool!

How to make a sand and water table

Learn how to build a fun DIY sand and water table for your kids! Free plans by Jen Woodhouse

I have done all of these in the past and have earned from them. Some are my favorite that I still use today. It's worth a shot to find what may work for you.

10 Days of Back to Homeschool Prep

Getting ready to go back to homeschool is a stressful time, so I'm sharing a ten day series for back to homeschool prep so that we can face it together!

How to be Less of a Hot Mess and Rock Your Bedtime Routine

Implement simple strategies, get organized, be more productive, and rock your bedtime routine. SAHM/WAHM Click through to learn how>>>

Hot Mess 5-Day Challenge

Join the FREE Hot Mess 5-Day Challenge. Increase your productivity, efficiency, and happiness today. Get 5 days of lifestyle tips and hacks straight to your inbox. Click here to join in >>>