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Doctor Who. Curated by Suburban Fandom, NYC Tri-State Fan Events:

"My childhood’s book had a geek illustrator…" Fantastic HOLY CRAP

Anatomy of a Dalek Now, what would be an awesome idea is if we could develop an "Operation" styled board game with a Dalek instead of a human that screams "exterminate" whenever you screw up.

Haha! Well they do evolve into the cat nuns...creepy cat nuns.

Use polka dots instead of the balls and it instantly because a wearable dress for everyday life.

DALEK PUMPKIN! This is going to be my pumpkin for Halloween this year. Any kid who sees it and says EXTERMINATE! will get triple the amount of candy.

Combination of my two favorite things. Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who. Just Awesome.

$38.00. I almost want this more than I want children. You can even pick the color of the buttons, fabulous.

Dalek pizza-- I think pepperoni is a good choice for the Dalek pizza. It exterminates you from the inside....with heart burn ;)