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Curly Hair Problems

Every day curly hair problem

multiple times.  ......Did this, now they stick right up. :(

My problem exactly

I hate this. . .


Should be rule you don't touch curly hair, you will make it frizzy!

Haha sad, but true. Then once you get them back, your hair looks like your fingers were in an outlet!

Curly/wavy hair prob to be exact.

OMG. This happens to me and then when I am going somewhere I wish it did what it did yesterday!

ahahaaaaaaa so true!

Even with my hair up, it still fly into my face...darn frizzies

Curly Hair Problem yea, no. ittl mess up the hair!


curly hair problems- seriously, I hate when I catch a glimpse and I& like- oh shit has my hair looked like this all day!

One of many...


Curly Hair Problems: If you have curly hair, search this. They're all so relatable!

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Thick hair problem also

curly hair prob 675

Curly hair problem: "Discovering one perfect, wavy curl, and wondering why the rest of your hair can't be like it.

curly hair problems


Yeppp, and freezing your head off because curly hair takes FOREVER to dry!

stating the obvious

I haven't had a single hairdresser who didn't say that.

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I wish I could just brush my hair and go. Not wet it, then product it and have to always leave the house with wet hair- the struggle is real!

Natural hair & mix girl problems

Natural hair & mixed girl problems- im not even mixed but so true

black girl problem.too lazy nd too tired.

28 of Our Favorite Natural Hair Memes

Smh life of a natural girl lol

Natural curly hair ♡ so true though. It kills me when people are just like brush your hair and i'm like do you really want me to look like a lion

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