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so funny! funny stuff this is so cute! Toddlers are so much fun to be around :)

Baby humour - Get in the car now gladys, whatcha gonna do about it? Funny Baby Memes, Funny Images ....

thenestfrom thenest

Can we do funnies from Pinterest?



Touch it, I dare you…

Touch my cake and I will cut you!

The Skeptical Baby Meme is Hilarious | Baby Mum-Mum | Funny Baby Memes | #BabyMumMum #babymemes #funnymemes

Keepin it real, this is so me. The funny thing is, if I did say that all the optimists in the room would be like "why do you have to ruin it?"


What you looking at…

after working a 13 hour day, this totally fits right now!!!

So cute

So cute

So cute


Thanks dad…

i could see my dad doing something like this and If I can find the boxes lol I may do it myself, so funny