Farmers at work... Horse-drawn plows are a common sight in Amish country.

A Day In Amish Country

Amish Country in Ohio

Amish Country Ohio

.working in the snow

Amish country ~ have always wanted to visit ~ on the bucket list! Def would do a road trip since PA isn't that long of a drive from MA.

All is quiet on a warm summer day in Amish Country. CLICK HERE for more about Ohio's Amish Country at! #Amish #Ohio #Tourism (Doyle Yoder photo)


Amish Country

It's almost like we're obligated to buy this cool Amish print since our move to Lancaster County, PA!

Amish life.....

The Amish barn-raising Nebraska Amish barn-raising photo: Randall Persing ...

A backroad getaway in Holmes County, Ohio, reveals the quiet life and artistry of Amish shops, restaurants and homes. Anyone who knows me knows I love the Amish!


Amish farmer plowing the fields on a PA Dutch Country farm.


Who are the Amish?

Amish plow

Ohio Amish Country

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