The new Bird-in-Hand Bakery is almost complete! GREAT PLACE !!!

Mennonite bakery

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Mennonite school teacher with her Amish, Mennonite and Pennsylvania Dutch students. Lancaster County, 1942.

Lancaster, Pa

amish children

Dutch Wonderland

Dutch Wonderland

Amish black cat This is so cool because you have a buggy and a horse and a CAT and it looks like the cat likes to go places!

Bird-In-Hand, PA

Lancaster PA-Amish Country 209 by Darryl W. Moran Photography, via Flickr

Lancaster, PA Clothes Line

Log Cabin Quilt Shop Bird in Hand, PA This is real quilting forget the machine♥So beautiful.


Authentic Amish Dress Cape Apron & Prayer by MennoniteAmishDress, $59.99

A fresh coat of white.

Intercourse, PA

Amish boys fishing

Amish girl with scooter by Catacami, via Flickr

amish boy

Fresh Amish preserves at the Lititz Farmers' Market, Lancaster County, PA

Amish Father