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Amish boys eating watermelon...ahhh, the simple things in life

Little Amish boy getting an old fashioned haircut. Standing on a stool!

Sewing Time...If you want children to keep their feet on the ground, weigh them down with some responsibility.

A Life in the Sun - Bottle opener by Silver Image, via Flickr

Amish girl with scooter by Catacami, via Flickr

Amish Father by Photographic Poetry, via Flickr

"Lord, I will follow You, but . .." Luke 9:61 When God tells you to do a thing that tests and opposes your common sense, you will come to what He wants, but turn back at the point of testing until you abandon to God by total surrender. Instead, you will say, “Yes, but, if I obey God, what about . . . ?”But If you are going to obey, He demands you risk what you believe by common sense. When you have faith in what He says, you find that He is consistent with common sense.(Oswald Chambers)

I remember the braids well.......all my friends had braids too!