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    Vital Signs: Americans Are Saving Less

    by Neil Shah
    The personal saving rate—the share of income left over after spending and taxes -- dropped to 3.7% in February from 4.3% in January, the second straight monthly drop.
    • Evan McCormick

      4-2-2012: AMERICANS ARE NOT SAVING ENOUGH MONEY - AGAIN. This is chart is depressing. First, it shows that we as a society can't / won't think L-T and save for retirement. It's a buy now, pay later mentality. Also, it reflects a weak economy as ultimately people can't spend beyond their means. This explains why the Fed is still worried.

    • Brandon Jacobson

      I don't know all the calculation used to figure this out; but wouldn't it be nice if we could all get to a 10% or more personal savings percentage of disposable income?

    • Kim Andrews

      Sack the boss, and start to earn a really excellent income, working from home.

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