Custom Earphones

Sony bluetooth earphones

... and one ring to rule them all...

Glass Phone...whatttt??!??

Multitouch Tempered Glass Mouse..the designer is a genius.

Mini HD Surveillance Camera - $37

Light Show Fountain Speakers - Take My Paycheck - Shut up and take my money! | The coolest gadgets, electronics, geeky stuff, and more!

'Tron'-like Glow headphones ( )

Never Miss a Notification With This Flashing iPhone Case!

This thermometer lets you feel the temperature outside. It has a Peltier element (remember those from thermo class)?

Little TV screen, cup holders, reclines back. Sound proof...I will take one please! (I realize this is actually a Gaming Pod. It's for guys... but I would make one as a hiding place....for me)

An iPod or iPod Shuffle that plays, fast forward or backwards all by you touching on a bangle! How convenient is that! Though having a wire earphones that stretch from your wrist to your ears isn't really that sightly and cool which Apple users always want to be seen as. Therefore, an iBangle will come with another expense, Bluetooth headphones...

Must get!! It shuts off the flow of energy to your phone, iPad, etc. once it is done charging. Great energy saver and eliminates sucking the battery's life.

the Virtual keyboard...

NEC 43-inch Curved Monitor

The Smartphone Home Monitor - Hammacher Schlemmer

Tron, Headphones, Daft Punk

A watch on your fingernails!! Now that is unique!

The Theft Recovery Microchips - Hammacher Schlemmer - When implanted into your personal, cherished items, these are the microchips that use radio frequency identification to verify ownership if items are lost or stolen.