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Sprinkle men ;)

Not just your usual donut with sprinkles on it! The sprinkles are actually policeman miniatures as a substitute for the toppings. It's a really creative way to decorate your food.

Barbie like you haven't ever seen

I Love Barbie - Menu Ideas for my I love Barbie Party- 1 Dozen Egg-Head Barbies -- Egghead is an anti-intellectual epithet aka know-it-all. Have you ever run across one egg-headed person? Now imagine running into a dozen! These Barbie

demonic possession

demonic possession<<< I mean, that's what I did. We're on talking terms. I call her Letty and I train her on how to human.

Breakfast balloons

'Balloon Breakfast' by David Sykes, as seen in INQUIETA MAGAZINE - The Food Issue. Enjoy them and more delicious art, design etc. in our free online.

haha love this part in the movie... Edmund is my second-favorite (next to Eustace)!!!

haha love this part in the movie. Edmund is my second-favorite guy in Narnia next to Peter but no movie poster Peter book Peter. But my over all favorite character is Lucy.

Hahaha, I really think this every time I'm there. "Go enjoy your doughnut, you so can." :-)

People at the gym…

But technically there turned out to be 13 districts sooo

Prepare to have your mind blown

You Just Realized. The Hunger Games has 3 books: 23 people die each year in the games. There are 12 districts. The movie came out Mind = blown.

Mines Royal Beaver.

Mines Royal Beaver<<<I gir wicked beaver now u find this hallarious because I'm Canadian .

Awesome friend

The best friend break up song :) I will have to remember this for a few people

Fresh ground sprinkles for your cupcake, sir?

Fresh ground sprinkles for your cupcake Sir?

Funny pictures about Fresh ground sprinkles. Oh, and cool pics about Fresh ground sprinkles. Also, Fresh ground sprinkles.

THERE'S ALWAYS MONEY IN THE BANANA STAND. Tanaka Tatsuya mini-diorama. Astonishingly large number of dioramas by this guy at the link.

Miniature faking, also known as diorama effect or diorama illusion, is a process in which a photograph of a life-size location or object is.

Most accurate graphs I’ve ever seen #lol #sotrue

Funny pictures about Pretty Accurate Life Charts. Oh, and cool pics about Pretty Accurate Life Charts. Also, Pretty Accurate Life Charts photos.