• Lisa McLean

    Learn an easy trick for removing food stains from #Tupperware.Pour baking soda onto stained Tupperware. Let sit for a few seconds. Add a few drops of water & scrub baking soda mixture all around Tupperware stain. Rinse and it should be clean as new! Email me for all of your Tupperware needs! TupperwareLisa1@gmail.com (gmail.com)

  • Kecia Byars

    Learn an easy trick for removing food stains from tupperware.Pour baking soda onto stained tupperware. Let sit for a few seconds. Add a few drops of water & scrub baking soda mixture all around tupperare stain. Rinse and it should be clean as new. She has other cleaning tips too!

  • Elba Rivas

    clean tupperware- remove food stains

  • Kim McIlvain

    Learn an easy trick for removing food stains from tupperware. - this link does not show how to remove stains, but it's all about baking soda so I'm guessing that's what they use. It also has a link to a book with 500 uses for baking soda! I definitely want that!

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