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SACRED SMUDGE Blend w/ White Sage, Sweetgrass, Cedar Tips, Garden Sage and Lavender Buds for Clearing & Cleansing Your Sacred Space - The best way to smudge.

Sage is an herb that is known for its healing and medicinal properties. People have burned sage since ancient times to cleanse and purify objects and homes.

Witchy Tip of the Day Hang a sprig of sage by the front door to protect the home.

Burn sage to cleanse your home

Cleansing spaces of negative energy - WHEN: New spaces, after illness, after de-cluttering, when buying second hand items. HOW: Create a strong intention & visualize, Burn sandalwood incense or dried sage, After cleansing always open East windows or doors.....more detailed info in article.


You can do a sage cleansing prayer - Google Search or day this Simple Sage cleansing to Bless and Protect your home.  "Bless this home and all who enter, please cleanse this home of all stagnant and negative energy, fill this home with light and love and with positive energy of the highest vibration."


Out With The Old & In With The New! Happy New Year! Learn how to remove negative energy from your home with these 5 simple cleansing rituals using sage cleansing, black tourmaline, sound, salt and/or protection crystals.


how to make sage smudge sticks

diy sage bundles/ smudge sticks


Blessed Cedar Sage and Lavender Smudge Sticks




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