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© Amaviael | - Clear Colorless Quartz Rock Crystal Photo

Falling asleep on the job

Black Seed: Natural Remedy for Everything except Death

Medicinal Plants and Spiritual Evolution with David Crow | The Shift Network


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Secrets of the Occult Part 1 of 2, The Magicians. - YouTube

7 Psychogenic plants

Cancer disappears after using Thunder God Vine as a cure for cancer. This effect is reached because of the ingredient contained by the plant itself.

Alternative medicine

Plants | African Traditional Medicine - Pharmacopoeia and Resources for Research

How to make Fire Cider!

How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain | Health Impact News

Tabernanthe Iboga

Many health conditions can be cured or prevented by eliminating the mucus, fecal deposits, and parasites from inside the intestines. Over the course of 70 years, our intestines will process over 100 tons of food and 40,000 liters of fluid. This massive amount of food and liquid eventually leads to a build up of about …

This fire cider recipe contains raw apple cider vinegar infused with powerful immune-boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, decongestant, and spicy circulatory movers

Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Tag Removal

sorethroat treatment with chili powerder

Powers, Watchers, and Archangels - Papyri Graecae Magicae

Interesting! This little weed is one of the most useful medicinal weeds on the planet. ( I hate this little weed cuz I have TONS and tons of them in my garden. Maybe I will rethink this after reading this article. It would be nice to know that, like the Dandelion, it could actually be good for something...)

Humming bird - symbol of sacred medicines

OTAC : The Sacred Ancient Medicine Ceremony - Psychedelic Adventure