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.The hare’s supernatural status rose, especially in the Celtic lands, with the belief that they were not only messengers but could travel in both the human and the Otherworlds because they burrowed underground.

Moon boat. love this art work!! Especially the little owl on the back of the boat!

Art Deco: Erte, Queen of the Night

Alice sworn revenge under the full moon that she will deliver death to her mother's killer.

I especially love the white trees in the bkd and the black in the foreground - i want to try this - it needs a splash of red - g.

Dream a dream and wish a wish for it to come true.

Moonlight, 1871, John Atkinson Grimshaw From

Love everything about this especially the witch's silhouette in the moonlight

a mysterious and pleasing thing, especially as it is round/// by angelica maria zorrilla, via Flickr

Steven Outram. Catching the gradient brightness of a moonlit night has got to be a challenge, especially then trying to get the correctly muted colors of the trees below. Nice.

Nine 35x5 Solar System Prints Astronomy Space Art by meganlee on Etsy

Shion stepped back and called out to Ryven, "Are they mer-mermaids?" She had heard much about mermaids and not all was good. They too had a dark side to them, especially with men, and she wondered nervously what they had in mind for her Ryven... Excerpt taken from my book Dragonhorse and the Seeker of the Forgotten Knowledge

Lunars - the chosen Exalts of Luna, goddess of the moon. They are endowed with the ability to shapeshift, taking on the forms of animals or even other people. They strive to protect Creation, especially their mates, the Solar Exalted.

Halloween & Pumpkin Season - Half Moon Bay - San Mateo County Coastside

Moon and Sun by *Papierpilot Digital Art / Drawings / Illustrations / Conceptual©2012 *Papierpilot Since the Moon is the strongest symbol for romantic longing and as a character a lifelong fascination of mine, I thought I come up with something like this. I took a lot of planning on it, especially how moon's face is carved out of the rocks.It's the old tragedy, beeing nothing without your counterpart

We had a scary abandoned house in our neighborhood that fascinated us but we would run past it on nights - especially Halloween.

Don't know who the artist is :o/

"Whatever you think you can do or believe you can do, begin it. Action has magic, grace and power in it." Johann Wolfgang

Vintage Postcards, Series 2 | Pigtails In Paint

kids will love this format, especially if they find their own branch // great project for a group This could also be used as coral for the sea project