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Know that you don’t have to ask for less, or feel guilty about wanting abundance - it’s there for you and everyone in an unlimited supply.~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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- Dr. Wayne Dyer.

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~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Feeling abundant surpasses the money in your bank account and transcends what others may think of you. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Dr. Wayne Dyer: You'll See It, When You Believe It !

Dr. Wayne Dyer

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A great quote from Dr. Wayne Dyer!

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Excuses Be Gone ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer (Love him!)

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When you shift to an abundance mind-set, you repeat to yourself over and over again that you're unlimited because you emanated from the inexhaustible supply of intention. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Love Dr. Wayne Dyer

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It’s an old concept, but it is nonetheless true: We are all equal in the eyes of God.~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Make an internal commitment to respect yourself and feel worthy of all that the universe has to offer. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Be on the lookout for the opportunity to say to yourself: I feel good. I intend to attract more of this good feeling, and I intend to give it away to any and all in need of it.~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Practice kindness toward Earth by picking up a piece of litter that's on your path or saying a silent prayer of gratitude for the existance of rain or the color of flowers. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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There's always something beautiful to be experienced wherever you are. Right now, look around you and select beauty as your focus. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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It takes much more courage, strength of character and inner conviction to forgive than it does to hang on to low-energy feelings.~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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If you don’t believe that you’re worthy of fulfilling your intentions for health, wealth or loving relationships, then you’re creating an obstacle that will inhibit the flow of creative energy into your daily life.~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

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Remind yourself that when you think about what you resent, you act upon what you think about while simultaneously attracting more of it to you. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer