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    How do you tune in to your inner guidance?

    Love these guys! What about you?

    How are you using your creativity to create new opportunities?

    Do you express yourself with confidence?

    How are you manifesting loving relationships in your life?

    ~ Forgive ~ I set my past free and forgive myself for my participation. ♥ And so it is.

    Don't change so people will like you. Be yourself and the right people will love the real you. ♥

    Remember to smile. Live with your eyes and your heart wide open. ♥ Dream big. Believe in magic. Find rainbows. Choose joy. Love ... and then love even more! ~ Anna Taylor

    Taking good care of my health is like depositing money in the bank. ~ Louise L. Hay

    Open your heart to feeling Love, and you'll feel heavenly. ~ Doreen Virtue

    Even five minutes spent in silence will nurture & revive your soul and spirit. ~ Doreen Virtue

    Every hand that touches my body is a healing hand, and I am safe. ~ Louise L. Hay

    Loving is the miracle cure. Loving myself works miracles in my life. ~ Louise L. Hay

    Love is all there is! ~ Louise L. Hay

    I am ready to be healed. I am willing to forgive. All is well. ~ Louise L. Hay

    All of my creative projects bring me great satisfaction. ~ Louise L. Hay

    I open my heart to more love every day. ~ Louise L. Hay

    I stand in truth, and I live and move in joy. ~ Louise L. Hay

    I am open and receptive to meeting new and interesting people. ~ Louise L. Hay

    I joyfully receive income, and I gratefully pay my bills. ~ Louise L. Hay

    I forgive my parents, and I am free to love myself. ~ Louise L. Hay

    I am patient, tolerant, and diplomatic. My words and actions are healing. ~ Louise L. Hay

    Today I move into acceptance of a whole new level of financial security. ~ Louise L. Hay